Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yavat

  yavat—as long as    Bg 1.21-22, SB 1.9.24, SB 1.13.15, SB 1.13.50, SB 1.16.8, SB 1.18.5, SB 2.2.12, SB 2.2.14, SB 3.9.6, SB 3.9.9 (and more...)
  yavat—until    SB 2.2.13, SB 3.11.23, SB 3.22.19, SB 5.21.6, SB 7.5.50, SB 7.7.9, SB 7.7.12, SB 8.16.48, Adi 13.26, Madhya 4.168 (and more...)
  yavat—so long    SB 1.19.21, SB 4.23.12, SB 4.29.70, SB 5.1.30, SB 7.15.32-33, SB 10.11.27, Madhya 11.241, Madhya 17.230
  yavat—as much as    SB 3.28.18, SB 3.28.38, SB 4.26.6, SB 5.20.35, SB 7.12.9, SB 7.14.8, SB 7.14.10
  yavat—as far as    SB 5.16.1, SB 5.24.5, SB 8.19.27, SB 8.21.30
  yavat—as far as possible    SB 3.9.26, SB 10.1.52
  yavat—whatever    Bg 13.27
  yavat—minimum    SB 2.2.3
  yavat—as it is    SB 2.9.30
  yavat—when    SB 3.1.20
  yavat—as it may be    SB 3.5.49
  yavat—as    SB 4.8.29
  yavat—just as    SB 4.16.14
  yavat—the whole    SB 5.16.19
  yavat—as high as    SB 5.24.6
  yavat—as long or as far as    SB 8.21.30
  yavat—until the time    Adi 13.26
  yavat—during    Madhya 9.96
  yavat—while    Antya 5.54
  yavat—as far    Antya 20.81
  na yavat—before    SB 3.18.25, SB 4.11.34
  yavat antam—unto the end of Manuís reign    SB 8.14.6
  yavat sila-guna-abhidha-akrti-vayah—their exact character, habits, features, attributes and explicit bodily features    SB 10.13.19
  yavat jiba—as long as I live    Antya 19.11
  yavat kara-anghri-adikam—exactly to the measurement of their particular varieties of legs and hands    SB 10.13.19
  yavat kala—as long as    Antya 14.23
  yavat na—lest    SB 4.17.10-11
  yavat sattvam—as far as possible for him    SB 6.1.62
  yavat vatsapa—exactly like the cowherd boys    SB 10.13.19
  yavat vibhusa-ambaram—exactly like their ornaments and dress in all their varied particulars    SB 10.13.19
  yavat vihara-adikam—exactly according to their tastes or amusements    SB 10.13.19
  yavat yasti-visana-venu-dala-sik—not only like their bodies but exactly like their bugles, flutes, sticks, lunch bags and so on    SB 10.13.19
  yavat-artha—as much as necessary    SB 3.28.4
  yavat-artha—as much as one needs    SB 8.19.17
  yavat-artham—as much as necessary    SB 7.12.6
  yavat-artham—as far as possible    SB 7.12.13-14
  yavat-artham—as much endeavor for oneís livelihood as necessary    SB 7.14.5
  yavat-arthah—who live by collecting only as much as required    SB 5.5.3
  yavat-gamam—as he fled    SB 1.7.18
  yavat-nirvaha—as much as required to keep the body and soul together    Madhya 22.116
  yavat-pramana-vistarah—as much as the measure of its width, namely 100,000 yojanas (one yojana equals eight miles)    SB 5.20.2

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