Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yasyam

  yasyam—in which    Bg 2.69, SB 3.14.23, SB 5.14.2, SB 5.17.9, SB 5.20.8, SB 5.26.5, Adi 13.19, Madhya 18.12
  yasyam—in whom    SB 3.13.42, SB 3.14.19, SB 4.30.48, SB 6.18.3-4
  yasyam—on which    SB 5.2.10, SB 5.12.5-6, SB 5.20.35, SB 8.18.6
  yasyam—through whom    SB 4.28.32, SB 9.21.34, SB 9.24.37
  yasyam—this Vedic literature    SB 1.7.7
  yasyam—by such systematic remembrance    SB 2.1.21
  yasyam—unto whom    SB 5.1.34
  yasyam—in which (in the forest of material existence)    SB 5.13.2
  yasyam—in whom (Ilavila)    SB 9.2.32
  yasyam—in the womb of Satyavati previous to her marriage to Santanu    SB 9.22.21-24
  yasyam eva—in which (Krsna consciousness or the nectar of devotional service)    SB 5.6.17

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