Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yan

  yan—which    SB 4.6.44, SB 4.25.39, SB 7.12.17
  yan—I go    Madhya 2.62, Madhya 7.126
  yan—moving    SB 2.3.17
  yan—whose    Adi 8.5
  yan—I go.    Madhya 3.125
  yan—those    Bg 2.6
  yan—all those    SB 2.6.46
  yan—which (words)    SB 4.3.15
  yan—that which    SB 4.21.23
  yan—whom    SB 4.22.9
  yan—on the chariot    SB 4.23.36
  yan—which (all the products produced because of the flowing rivers mentioned above)    SB 5.16.25
  yan—those which    SB 7.4.2
  yan—all of which    SB 7.9.23
  yan—to whom    SB 9.18.12-14
  yan-saba—all of them    Adi 12.91, Adi 12.92, Adi 12.92
  yan yan—whatsoever    SB 4.13.34, SB 4.13.34
  praharsa-yan—making the mothers very much pleased    SB 10.13.23
  yan-saba—all    Adi 7.18-19
  yan-saba—all those who are    Adi 7.18-19
  yan-saba—persons with whom    Adi 7.18-19
  yan-saba—those who are    Adi 7.18-19
  yan-sabara—all of them    Adi 6.65-66
  yan-sabara—all of whom    Adi 10.115
  yan-sabara—of all of whom    Antya 20.150

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