Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: yamuna

  yamuna—the river Yamuna    Madhya 1.93, Madhya 3.34, Madhya 3.36, Madhya 3.37, Madhya 16.280, Madhya 17.150, Antya 18.1
  yamuna—the Yamuna River    SB 3.2.27, Antya 18.109
  yamuna—Yamuna    SB 5.19.17-18
  yamuna—Yamuna River    Madhya 3.25
  yamuna—the Yamuna    Madhya 18.77
  yamuna—of the Yamuna    Antya 14.94
  yamuna-tire—on the bank of the Yamuna    SB 10.11.41, Madhya 23.37
  ganga-yamuna—the River Ganges and River Yamuna    Madhya 19.40
  yamuna para hana—crossing the River Yamuna    Madhya 18.66
  yamuna smarana—remembrance of the River Yamuna    Madhya 8.11
  yamuna-antah-jale—in the deep water of the River Yamuna    SB 9.6.39-40
  yamuna-darsana—meeting with the Yamuna River    Madhya 17.154
  yamuna-jala—the water of the Yamuna    Antya 18.90
  yamuna-jnane—acceptance as the river Yamuna.    Madhya 3.26
  yamuna-kulat—from the bank of the River Yamuna    SB 9.4.42
  yamuna-pulina—bank of the Yamuna River    Madhya 2.56
  yamuna-pulina—the bank of the Yamuna    Madhya 13.143
  yamuna-pulina—the bank of the Yamuna River    Antya 6.90
  yamuna-pulinani ca—and the banks of the River Yamuna    SB 10.11.36
  yamuna-pare grama—his residence on the other side of the Yamuna.    Madhya 18.82
  yamuna-upakulah—on the bank of the Yamuna    Antya 15.32
  yamuna-akarsana—attracting the river Yamuna    Adi 17.117

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