Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vyavahara

  vyavahara—behavior.    Adi 4.130, Adi 17.306, Madhya 1.209, Madhya 8.281, Madhya 19.227, Antya 14.10, Antya 19.49
  vyavahara—the behavior    Madhya 4.190, Madhya 5.55, Madhya 7.133
  vyavahara—activities.    Madhya 5.23, Madhya 17.105, Antya 2.136
  vyavahara—behavior    Madhya 7.120, Antya 18.98
  vyavahara—the dealings    Adi 2.54
  vyavahara—affairs.    Adi 3.96
  vyavahara—the business.    Adi 4.174
  vyavahara—treatment.    Adi 17.299
  vyavahara—the general term.    Madhya 6.91
  vyavahara—social etiquette    Madhya 7.26
  vyavahara—arrangements.    Madhya 19.12
  vyavahara—business.    Madhya 24.344
  vyavahara—the etiquette    Antya 6.217
  vyavahara—good behavior.    Antya 9.46
  vyavahara—ordinary dealings.    Antya 16.6
  bhiksa-vyavahara—accepting meals.    Madhya 1.233
  bhratr-vyavahara—treating as brothers.    Madhya 16.220
  dasyu-vyavahara—the activity of a plunderer.    Madhya 19.24
  jada-vyavahara—material behavior    Madhya 12.180
  loka-vyavahara—behavior like ordinary men    Madhya 16.239
  mrdu-vyavahara—having very gentle behavior.    Antya 3.3
  nandi-vyavahara—treatment of the introduction.    Antya 1.172
  prabhura vyavahara—the dealings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 1.61
  prabhura vyavahara—the behavior of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 9.147
  raja-vyavahara—the behavior of the King.    Madhya 12.15
  sankoca vyavahara—dealings with great care.    Antya 3.44
  sakhya-vyavahara—dealings just like those of a friend.    Antya 2.85
  sarala vyavahara—plain dealings    Madhya 14.146
  sneha-vyavahara—very intimate behavior    Madhya 11.17
  sneha-vyavahara—affectionate behavior.    Madhya 12.176
  srsti-adi-vyavahara—transactions in reference to the creation, maintenance and dissolution.    Madhya 20.301
  sadhura vyavahara—behavior of a devotee    Madhya 17.185
  tahan karena vyavahara—He behaved in that way.    Antya 8.92
  vidhi-vyavahara—regulative behavior.    Madhya 17.182
  vyavahara lagi—for some material purpose    Antya 9.68
  vyavahara-bhakti—ordinary behavior as well as devotional service.    Antya 4.168
  vyavahara-mulam—whose basis is etiquette alone    SB 5.12.4
  vyavahara-mulam—cause of material activities    SB 5.12.8
  vyavahara-margah—phenomenon.    SB 5.10.21
  vyavahara-sneha—love and affection because of a previous relationship    Madhya 25.213
  acarya-vyavahara—the dealings of Advaita Acarya    Adi 12.28

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