Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vyakta

  vyakta—manifested    Bg 2.28, SB 3.12.48, SB 4.11.17
  vyakta—evident    Adi 3.50
  vyakta—manifested    Madhya 20.401
  kabhu vyakta—sometimes manifest    Antya 6.124
  vyakta haila—was revealed.    Antya 9.145
  vyakta kare—exhibits    Antya 14.81
  vyakta-arthah—whose purpose is manifested    SB 7.13.10
  vyakta-avyaktam—manifested and unmanifested, or the gross body and the subtle body    SB 6.1.54
  vyakta-avyaktam—this material cosmic manifestation, consisting of cause and effect, or gross and subtle forms    SB 10.10.29
  vyakta-bhuk—controlling all physical movement    SB 3.11.3
  vyakta-drsteh—who oversees the material manifestation    SB 6.4.24

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