Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vyakhyana

  vyākhyāna—explanation.    Adi 1.28, Adi 2.85, Adi 4.90, Adi 4.121, Adi 4.273, Adi 5.154, Adi 7.131, Adi 7.147, Adi 7.168, Adi 12.40 (and more...)
  vyākhyāna—the explanation.    Adi 6.110, Madhya 24.35, Madhya 24.322, Madhya 25.29
  vyākhyāna—exposition    Adi 2.71
  vyākhyāna—description.    Adi 13.49
  vyākhyāna—and explanation    Madhya 22.118
  vyākhyāna—discourse    Antya 3.171
  bhaktira vyākhyāna—explanation of devotional service.    Adi 6.28
  bhaṭṭera vyākhyāna—explanation of Vallabha Bhaṭṭa    Antya 7.91
  bhāgavata-vyākhyāna—an explanation of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam    Antya 7.136
  śāstrera vyākhyāna—the description in the revealed scriptures    Adi 6.54
  kalpita vyākhyāna—imaginary explanations.    Madhya 25.88
  karaye vyākhyāna—explains the meaning    Madhya 25.93
  karena vyākhyāna—they describe    Madhya 18.200
  karilā vyākhyāna—explained.    Antya 1.174
  upāṅga-vyākhyāna—the exposition of the word upāṅga.    Adi 3.68
  viruddha vyākhyāna—statements against the Kṛṣṇa conscious conclusions    Madhya 23.117-118
  vyākhyāna kariba—I shall explain    Madhya 24.105
  vyākhyāna-vacana—words of explanation.    Antya 7.113

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