Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrttanta

  vṛttānta—details    Adi 16.14
  vṛttānta—incident    Adi 17.253
  vṛttānta—narration    Madhya 5.37
  vṛttānta—story    Antya 2.164
  vṛttānta—description    Antya 5.12
  e saba vṛttānta—all these descriptions    Madhya 25.59
  gopāla-vṛttānta—the narration of Gopāla.    Madhya 4.149
  kṣīrera vṛttānta—all the incidents that took place on account of the pot of sweet rice    Madhya 4.136
  kṛpā-vṛttānta—story of the mercy    Antya 9.132
  saba vṛttānta kahila—explained the whole incident    Madhya 25.61
  vṛttānta kahilā—described the activities    Antya 5.34
  āpana-vṛttānta kahilā—explained his personal situation.    Madhya 25.197

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