Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vrsa

  vṛṣa—bull    SB 1.17.7, SB 4.1.24
  vṛṣa—O bull    SB 1.17.13
  vṛṣa—most exquisite    SB 3.28.25
  vṛṣa—the bull    Adi 17.153
  dvija-vṛṣa—O best of the brāhmaṇas    SB 3.23.10
  puraḥ-vṛṣa-indrāḥ—having the Nandī bull in front    SB 4.4.4
  vṛṣa hañā—becoming a bull    Adi 5.136
  vṛṣa-aṅkeṇa—by Lord Śiva, who sits on a bull    SB 8.8.1
  vṛṣa-dhvaja—Lord Śiva, who rides on a bull    SB 4.7.10
  vṛṣa-dhvajam—Lord Śiva    SB 7.10.61
  vṛṣa-dhvajaḥ—Lord Śiva, who is carried by a bull    SB 8.12.1-2
  vṛṣa-durmarṣaṇa-ādikān—begot sons headed by Vṛṣa and Durmarṣaṇa    SB 9.24.42
  vṛṣa-indram—on the bull    SB 4.4.5
  vṛṣa-rūpa-dhṛk—in the disguise of a bull    SB 1.17.22
  vṛṣa-sthitam—seated upon his bull    SB 9.18.9

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