Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: viyoga

  viyoga—separation    Madhya 2.43, Madhya 23.56, Antya 4.62
  viyoga—without that    SB 3.4.21
  viyoga—by separation    SB 7.9.17
  viyoga—or of the giving up    SB 10.1.51
  viyoga—of separation    Madhya 2.3
  krsna-viyoga—separation from Krsna    Antya 6.4
  priya-viyoga—because of the loss of his wife    SB 7.2.56
  viyoga-bhaya-katarah—being afraid of giving up the body again    SB 9.13.9
  viyoga-dasa—feeling of separation    Antya 12.4
  viyoga-samyoga-adi—symptomized by giving up one type of body (viyoga) and accepting another (samyoga)    SB 5.14.1
  viyoga-sphurana—awakening of separation    Antya 20.38
  viyoga-yogayoh—of both the escaping and the capturing    SB 10.1.51

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