Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visayira

  viṣayīra—of materialistic persons    Antya 6.278, Antya 9.66, Antya 9.93
  viṣayīra—of men who are materialistic    Adi 12.50
  viṣayīra—of a person interested in mundane affairs    Madhya 13.182
  viṣayīra—offered by materialistic men    Antya 6.279
  viṣayīra dravya—things supplied by materialistic men    Antya 6.274
  viṣayīra gaṇa—generally known as viṣayī    Antya 6.215
  viṣayīra vāt—about the affairs of materialistic persons.    Antya 9.78

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