Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: visama

  viṣama—causing distress    SB 5.1.37
  viṣama—and unequal or mistaken    SB 6.9.37
  viṣama—unequal (your religion, my religion your belief, my belief)    SB 6.16.41
  viṣama—very dangerous    Antya 1.128
  viṣama—very critical    Antya 7.98
  viṣamā—partiality    SB 1.8.29
  viṣamā—not level    SB 4.17.4
  viṣamā—dangerous    Antya 1.162
  ati-viṣama—very dangerous    SB 5.1.22
  viṣama-dhiyā—by this unequal intelligence    SB 6.16.41
  viṣama-gatām—becoming uneven    SB 5.10.2
  viṣama-gatāyām—being unevenly carried because of Jaḍa Bharata’s not walking properly    SB 5.10.7

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