Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: virudhah

  virudhah—vegetables    SB 1.8.40
  virudhah—creepers    SB 1.10.5
  virudhah—creepers without support    SB 3.10.19
  virudhah—herbs and grains    SB 4.18.8
  virudhah—vegetation in general (the birth of lamentation)    SB 7.15.50-51
  virudhah—plants and creepers    SB 8.7.28
  virudhah—and creepers.    SB 8.24.42
  virudhah—who are like creepers and plants    Madhya 16.1
  trna-virudhah—the grass and herbs    Madhya 24.206

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