Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vimana

  vimana—of airplanes    SB 4.6.27, SB 7.10.68, Adi 1.73-74
  vimana—airplanes    SB 2.9.13, SB 4.9.56
  vimana—morose.    Antya 19.29
  vimana—of the airplanes    SB 3.15.26
  vimana—an airplane    SB 4.12.19
  vimana—airplane    SB 4.12.27
  ha-ila vimana—became morose.    Madhya 16.3
  vimana hana—feeling morose    Antya 7.89
  vimana-agryam—excellent airplane    SB 8.10.16-18
  vimana-agryesu—in the best of airplanes    SB 3.16.34
  vimana-anika—with contingents of airplanes    SB 5.17.4
  vimana-sreni-bhusanam—always decorated with first-class airplanes    SB 3.16.32
  vimana-sankula—filled with airplanes    SB 7.8.33
  vimana-yanah—flying in their airplanes    SB 4.3.5-7
  vimana-avalibhih—in their different airplanes    SB 5.1.8
  vimana-avalibhih—with different types of airplanes    SB 7.8.36

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