Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vihvala

  vihvala—overwhelmed    SB 3.20.29, Adi 4.123, Adi 5.194, Adi 6.81, Adi 8.22, Adi 13.97, Adi 13.102, Adi 13.103, Adi 13.107, Adi 17.119 (and more...)
  vihvala—bewildered    Madhya 2.17, Madhya 4.112, Madhya 19.78, Antya 15.58
  vihvala—agitated    SB 5.8.15
  vihvala—rolling    SB 5.25.7
  vihvala—as if bewildered.    Adi 9.51
  vihvala—ecstatic    Adi 17.117
  vihvala—overwhelmed    SB 5.9.18
  ha-ila vihvala—became overwhelmed.    Madhya 18.15, Antya 11.58
  bhaya-vihvala-iksanam—whose eyes appeared distressed because of such fear of His mother    SB 10.9.11
  bhaya-vihvala—being very disturbed by fear    SB 8.22.19
  kanduka-vihvala-aksim—with eyes bewildered, following her ball    SB 3.22.17
  mada-vihvala—being intoxicated    SB 8.2.23-24
  mada-vihvala-aksi—whose eyes were restless because of youthful pride    SB 8.9.16-17
  pranaya-vihvala—overwhelmed with love    Madhya 16.104
  preme ha-ila vihvala—became overwhelmed by ecstatic love.    Madhya 18.57
  priti-vihvala—almost puzzled because of transcendental bliss.    SB 8.17.5
  vihvala ha-ila—became overwhelmed    Madhya 15.67
  vihvala-atma—whose mind was agitated    SB 8.12.22
  ananda-vihvala—overwhelmed with transcendental bliss.    Antya 17.17
  anande vihvala—overwhelmed by transcendental ecstasy    Antya 2.63
  anande vihvala—overwhelmed by transcendental happiness    Antya 7.76

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