Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vighna

  vighna—the obstruction (the sinking of the mountain)    SB 8.7.8
  vighna—some obstruction    Madhya 3.174
  vighna—hindrances    Madhya 4.12
  vighna—impediments    Madhya 4.186
  vighna kari—making a hindrance    Madhya 17.74
  vighna karibe—will create disturbances    Madhya 20.133
  vighna-nāśa—destruction of obstacles    Adi 1.103
  vighna-nāśa—destruction of all impediments    Antya 1.3-4
  vighna-vināśana—the destruction of all difficulties    Adi 1.21
  vighna-ādi-bandhane—impediments for bondage.    Antya 6.141

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