Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidyadhara

  vidyādhara—the Vidyādharas    SB 2.1.36, SB 8.20.19
  vidyādhara—the residents of the Vidyādhara planet    SB 2.6.43-45
  vidyādhara—other demigods    SB 4.1.22
  vidyādhara—Vidyādharas    SB 5.25.7
  vidyādhara—the lesser demigods known as Vidyādharas    SB 6.3.19
  vidyādhara—the residents of Vidyādharaloka    SB 7.8.37-39
  vidyādhara—the inhabitants of Vidyādhara-loka    SB 8.2.5
  vidyādhara-adhipatyam—mastership of the Vidyādharas (as an intermediate result)    SB 6.16.28
  vidyādhara-arcitam—suitable for a person of Vidyādhara-loka.    Madhya 25.77
  vidyādhara-gaṇāḥ—the inhabitants of Vidyādhara-loka    SB 8.18.9-10
  vidyādhara-patim—the King of the Vidyādharas    SB 6.16.49
  vidyādhara-strībhiḥ—with the women of the Vidyādhara planet    SB 6.17.2-3
  vidyādhara-ādayaḥ—the inhabitants of Vidyādhara-loka, and so on.    SB 4.18.19

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