Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidhina

  vidhina—by providence    SB 7.2.29-31, SB 8.9.5
  vidhina—according to regulative principles    SB 7.14.16, SB 8.15.4
  vidhina—by destination    SB 2.7.22
  vidhina—by practice    SB 3.28.1
  vidhina—in the process    SB 7.13.1
  vidhina—according to the instructions of Vedic scripture    SB 7.14.1
  vidhina—by regulative principles    SB 8.16.22
  vidhina—by following the regulative principles    SB 8.16.44-45
  vidhina—under regulative principles    SB 8.16.50
  vidhina—by the regulative principles    Madhya 20.173
  catuh-hotra-vidhina—by the regulative principles of sacrifice directed by four kinds of priests.    SB 5.7.5
  gandharva-vidhina—by the regulative principle of the Gandharvas, without deviation from religious principles    SB 9.20.16
  maha-abhiseka-vidhina—by the regulative principles for bathing the Deity    SB 9.4.31-32
  puja-vidhina—regulated worship    SB 6.19.21
  sva-vidhina—according to their own ritualistic principles    SB 5.9.15
  akasmikena vidhina—by the unexpected law of providence    SB 5.9.13

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