Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vidah

  vidaḥ—understand    Bg 8.17
  vidaḥ—greatly learned.    SB 3.11.16
  vidaḥ—those who perceive    SB 3.29.30
  tattva-vidaḥ—learned souls    Adi 2.11, Adi 2.63, Madhya 20.158, Madhya 24.74, Madhya 24.81
  gati-vidaḥ—who know everything of our activities    Madhya 19.210, Antya 7.42
  a-tat-prabhāva-vidaḥ—without understanding his exalted position    SB 5.9.8
  a-tat-tattva-vidaḥ—not knowing the secret (of the portents)    SB 3.17.15
  a-tat-vidaḥ—persons who are not conversant with this.    SB 3.33.11
  a-tat-vidaḥ—persons who are not in knowledge.    SB 4.29.48
  adhyātma-vidaḥ—who have realized spiritual knowledge    SB 5.18.4
  akṛtsna-vidaḥ—persons with a poor fund of knowledge    Bg 3.29
  an-evam-vidaḥ—of a person who has no knowledge (about ātma-tattva and the steadiness of the ātmā in his own identity, despite the changes of the body)    SB 10.4.20
  apramāṇa-vidaḥ—unaware of the extent of glories    SB 1.11.39
  apramāṇa-vidaḥ—because they were all foolish    SB 8.9.13
  brahma-vidaḥ—one who knows the Absolute    Bg 8.24
  brahma-vidaḥ—completely in awareness of the Absolute Truth    SB 9.1.18
  śabda-vidaḥ—those perceiving sound    SB 3.29.29
  gandha-vidaḥ—those perceiving smell    SB 3.29.29
  mantra-vidaḥ—the great chanter of the Vedic hymns    SB 2.4.17
  mantra-vidaḥ—completely expert in chanting the Vedic hymns    SB 10.7.17
  mantra-vidaḥ—experts in reciting the Vedic hymns    Madhya 22.20
  parāvara-vidaḥ—amongst the learned scholars, one who is conversant with physical and metaphysical knowledge    SB 1.1.7
  purā-vidaḥ—those learned in the historical events of the purāṇas    SB 5.15.8
  purā-vidaḥ—learned scholars.    SB 8.14.11
  tat-vidaḥ—one who knows.    Bg 13.1-2
  tat-vidaḥ—the experts who know about it    SB 5.21.2
  tat-vidaḥ—those who are advanced in knowledge of the body and soul    SB 7.2.49
  tattva-vidaḥ—the learned souls    SB 1.2.11
  tattva-vidaḥ—those who know the Absolute Truth    Madhya 25.132
  veda-vidaḥ—a person conversant with the Vedas    Bg 8.11
  yajña-vidaḥ—conversant with the purpose of performing    Bg 4.30
  ātma-vidaḥ—who was fully self-realized    SB 6.11.15

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