Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vicitra

  vicitra—wonderful    SB 5.24.9, Adi 17.217, Madhya 4.5, Antya 18.100
  vicitra—variegated    SB 1.7.17, SB 3.8.25
  vicitra—various    SB 3.23.19, SB 5.17.13
  vicitra—full of variegatedness    SB 1.6.12
  vicitra—of different kinds    SB 3.7.24
  vicitra—highly decorated    SB 3.15.26
  vicitra—of various kinds    SB 3.18.19
  vicitra—of many varieties    SB 8.12.18
  vicitra—decorated varieties of    SB 10.5.7
  vicitra—varieties    Adi 8.52
  vicitra—uncommon    Madhya 12.176
  vicitrā—various types    SB 7.11.16
  ki vicitra—what astonishment.    Antya 7.9
  upātta-vicitra-veśam—dressed very attractively    Madhya 17.36
  vicitra nahe—this is not extraordinary    Madhya 15.165
  vicitra-mālyābhiḥ—with charming flowers    SB 3.23.14-15
  vicitra-vaiśasam—inventing different kinds of harassments    SB 8.22.8
  vicitra-vīryāya—having varieties of prowess    SB 7.8.40
  vicitra-ādyāḥ—and others, like Vicitra    SB 8.13.30

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