Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vicara

  vicara—consideration    Adi 1.108-109, Adi 2.64, Adi 2.72, Adi 4.44, Adi 4.137, Adi 4.145, Adi 4.174, Adi 4.238, Adi 5.208, Adi 6.119 (and more...)
  vicara—judgment    Adi 16.49, Adi 17.171, Madhya 2.41, Madhya 4.178
  vicara—discussion.    Adi 1.43, Adi 16.104, Madhya 1.114
  vicara—analysis.    Adi 1.30, Adi 16.26
  vicara—the consideration.    Madhya 4.192, Madhya 20.377
  vicara—considerations    Adi 8.31
  vicara—judgments    SB 6.9.36
  vicara—when such consideration    Adi 8.15
  vicara—judgment.    Adi 16.54
  vicara—description    Adi 16.72
  vicara—logic    Adi 17.169
  vicara—analytical study    Madhya 1.34
  vicara—conclusion.    Madhya 5.50
  vicara—consideration of.    Antya 4.67
  vicara—the description    Antya 10.39
  vicara karila—considered    Madhya 6.49, Madhya 16.268, Antya 2.23
  bhagavata vicara—discussion of Srimad-Bhagavatam    Madhya 19.17, Madhya 25.166
  karaha vicara—just consider    Madhya 4.171, Madhya 10.142
  sunaha vicara—please hear the procedure    Madhya 25.120
  sastrera vicara—discussion of sastra    Adi 16.94
  dosa-guna-vicara—therefore to criticize one's poetry as good or bad    Adi 16.102
  e cari vicara—there is a consideration of four principles, namely the person, country, time and atmosphere    Madhya 25.121
  janibe vicara—will be able to understand.    Antya 5.109
  karaha vicara—just try to consider.    Madhya 12.180
  karaha vicara—try to understand scrutinizingly    Madhya 25.153
  karaye vicara—considered    Madhya 18.164
  kare laksana-vicara—describes the symptoms of the avataras.    Madhya 20.354
  karena vicara—he considered    Antya 4.6
  karila vicara—considered.    Adi 5.95
  karila vicara—then He considered.    Madhya 20.285
  karila vicara—considered    Antya 1.43
  kariye vicara—I began to consider    Adi 5.198
  kariyachi vicara—considered deliberately    Madhya 20.90-91
  marana-vicara—decision to commit suicide.    Antya 4.72
  na kari vicara—I do not consider    Antya 9.124
  na karon vicara—I do not consider.    Antya 9.121
  nahika vicara—there is no consideration    Antya 5.103
  parama-artha-vicara—discussion on spiritual matters    Madhya 25.43
  sambandha-tattvera vicara—consideration of one's relationship with Krsna    Madhya 22.3
  siddhanta-vicara—consideration of logical conclusions    Madhya 24.40
  svarupa-vicara—consideration of the eternal form    Madhya 20.152
  svarupa-vicara—consideration of His different forms and features    Madhya 20.403
  vicara kaila—considered    Antya 19.66
  vicara karena—considers    Adi 3.98
  vicara karila—he has thought.    Antya 6.273
  vicara karila—considered very carefully.    Madhya 25.96
  vicara karila—discussed    Antya 2.166
  vicara kariya—considering    Madhya 13.34
  vicara kariya—deliberating    Madhya 18.198
  vicara na kara—do You not consider    Antya 3.15
  vicara-jna—expert in scrutinizing things    Madhya 24.91
  vicara-samaya—at the time of reviewing    Adi 16.97
  vicara-yoge—when accepted by intelligence    Madhya 6.142

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