Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vayah

  vayaḥ—youth    SB 3.20.32, SB 3.22.10, SB 4.3.17, SB 5.2.18, SB 6.14.12, SB 8.8.9, SB 9.3.11, SB 9.19.21
  vayaḥ—age    SB 1.16.9, SB 1.19.28, SB 6.7.33, SB 9.10.6-7
  vayaḥ—duration of life    SB 1.6.3, SB 2.1.3
  vayaḥ—the age    Madhya 19.103, Madhya 19.106
  vayaḥ—passing ages    SB 2.1.33
  vayaḥ—years    SB 3.11.33
  vayaḥ—grown-up age    SB 3.21.27
  vayaḥ—life.    SB 4.27.5
  vayaḥ—the age, especially youth    SB 5.4.17
  vayaḥ—by youth    SB 5.17.12
  vayaḥ—unlimited time    SB 6.3.27
  vayaḥ—time    SB 8.5.43
  vayaḥ—beautiful age    SB 8.9.2
  vayaḥ—by age, especially youth, when one is capable of doing many things    SB 8.22.26
  vayaḥ—young age    SB 9.3.12
  vayaḥ—of the change of age    SB 9.3.23
  vayaḥ—young    SB 9.4.33-35
  vayaḥ—youth.    SB 9.18.38
  jñāna-vayaḥ-adhikaḥ—who by knowledge and by age was the eldest of all    SB 10.11.22
  kaiśora-vayāḥ—a young man not fully in youth    SB 9.2.15
  kaiśoraka-vayaḥ—the age of adolescence    Adi 4.116
  nava-vayāḥ—youthful    Madhya 23.87-91
  nitya-vayaḥ-rūpāḥ—who were ever beautiful and young    SB 8.15.17
  vayaḥ avasthāḥ—miserable conditions due to increasing age    SB 5.24.13
  vayaḥ-śīla-guṇa-ādibhiḥ—by age, character, good qualities, etc.    SB 3.22.9
  vayaḥ-dharma—characteristics of age    Adi 4.112
  yāvat śīla-guṇa-abhidhā-ākṛti-vayaḥ—their exact character, habits, features, attributes and explicit bodily features    SB 10.13.19

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