Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vatsan

  vatsan—the calves    SB 10.8.29, SB 10.11.41, SB 10.12.2, SB 10.12.32, SB 10.13.7, SB 10.13.16, SB 10.13.17, SB 10.13.38, SB 10.13.61
  vatsan—calves    SB 3.2.27
  vatsan—the small calves    SB 10.11.38
  vatsan—all the calves    SB 10.11.53
  vatsan—and their respective calves    SB 10.13.29
  vatsan—all their calves    SB 10.13.31
  carayan vatsan—while taking care of all the calves    SB 10.13.28
  go-vatsan—all the calves    SB 10.11.45
  tat-tat-vatsan—the calves, which belonged to different cows    SB 10.13.21
  tat-vatsan—their calves    SB 10.13.15
  atma-go-vatsan—now expanded into calves that were also He Himself    SB 10.13.20

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