Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vasudevah

  vasudevah—Vasudeva    SB 10.1.36, SB 10.1.55, SB 10.3.52, SB 10.5.20, Madhya 19.197
  vasudevah—Vasudeva (the father of Krsna)    SB 1.11.16-17, SB 9.24.46, SB 10.3.9-10
  vasudevah—Vasudeva    SB 4.3.23, SB 6.18.33-34, Adi 4.66
  vasudevah—Sri Vasudeva, the father of Krsna    SB 9.24.21-23, SB 9.24.53-55
  vasudevah—Krsna    Bg 11.50, SB 4.8.40
  vasudevah—Srila Vasudeva    SB 9.24.52
  vasudevah—who appeared as Vasudeva    SB 10.1.29
  vasudevah—cause of all causes    Bg 7.19
  vasudevah—Krsna in Dvaraka    Bg 10.37
  vasudevah—Lord Krsna.    SB 2.2.32
  vasudevah—the shelter of everything, manifested and nonmanifest    SB 5.11.13-14
  vasudevah—the shelter of everything    SB 5.11.13-14
  vasudevah—the all-pervading Lord    SB 5.19.6
  vasudevah—therefore He may be given the name Vasudeva    SB 10.8.14
  sri-vasudevah uvaca—the great personality Vasudeva said    SB 10.1.37
  sri-vasudevah uvaca—Sri Vasudeva said    SB 10.1.54
  sri-vasudevah uvaca—Sri Vasudeva prayed    SB 10.3.13
  sri-vasudevah uvaca—Sri Vasudeva replied    SB 10.5.31
  vasudevah ca—Vasudeva also    SB 10.4.25

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