Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vasi

  vasi—sitting    Adi 8.51, Adi 17.11, Adi 17.242, Adi 17.259, Adi 17.283, Madhya 2.55, Madhya 4.84, Madhya 6.123, Madhya 8.13, Madhya 9.286 (and more...)
  vasi—sitting down    Madhya 4.125, Madhya 6.11, Madhya 18.78, Antya 11.83, Antya 14.36, Antya 18.107
  vasi—situated    Adi 5.89
  vasi—one who is controlled    Bg 5.13
  vasi—serf-controlled.    Madhya 23.72
  vasi—I live there    Adi 16.16
  vasi—resting.    Madhya 4.23
  vasi—sitting there    Madhya 4.34
  vasi—lying    Madhya 8.178
  vasi—sitting together    Madhya 9.176
  vasi—although in possession of    Madhya 13.16
  vasi—staying    Madhya 17.95
  vasi—reside    Antya 4.82
  vasi—residing    Antya 9.78
  vasi—the inhabitants    Madhya 21.53
  vasi—we feel    Madhya 1.189
  vasi—I do.    Madhya 12.50
  vasi—remaining    Antya 10.125-126
  vasi—stale    Antya 10.125-126
  dvare vasi—sitting at the door    Antya 3.122, Antya 3.128, Antya 3.235, Antya 3.242
  kulina-grama-vasi—the inhabitants of Kulina-grama    Adi 10.80, Madhya 10.89, Madhya 16.16-17, Antya 12.9
  khanda-vasi—the inhabitants of Khanda    Antya 10.140-141, Antya 12.9
  nilacala-vasi—the residents of Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 6.281, Madhya 13.175
  nilacala-vasi—all the residents of Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 11.218, Madhya 13.198
  vraja-vasi—resident of Vrndavana    Adi 12.88, Madhya 4.102
  bhume vasi—sitting on the floor    Madhya 14.137
  suddha-vraja-vasi—a pure inhabitant of Vrndavana    Madhya 14.217
  dui-jana vasi—both of them sitting    Antya 4.136
  ei grame vasi—I reside in this village    Madhya 4.28
  gauda-desa-vasi—residents of Bengal    Adi 10.128
  ghare vasi—sitting within His room    Madhya 13.161
  ghare vasi—sitting in His room    Madhya 15.7
  jagannatha-vasi—the inhabitants of Jagannatha Puri    Antya 10.62
  khanda-vasi—devotees of the place known as Khanda    Madhya 1.132
  khanda-vasi—residents of Khanda    Madhya 11.92
  khanda-vasi—the residents of Sri Khanda    Antya 1.15
  khanda-vasi—the residents of Khanda    Antya 10.12
  khanda-vasi lokera—of the residents of Khanda    Antya 10.123
  khanda-vasi mukunda-dasa—of the name Mukunda dasa    Adi 10.78-79
  khanda-vasi narahari—Narahari, a resident of the village Khanda    Madhya 16.18
  ksetra-vasi—residents of Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 1.254
  kulina-grama-vasi—residents of the village known as Kulina-grama    Madhya 11.91
  kulina-grama-vasi—the residents of Kulina-grama    Madhya 1.131
  kasi-vasi—the inhabitants of Benares    Madhya 25.69
  mara vraja-vasi—You want to kill the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 13.145
  nadiya-vasi—inhabitants of Nadia    Madhya 16.219
  nadiya-vasi—inhabitant of the district of Nadia    Antya 12.54
  nava-khanda-vasi—the in habitants of the nine khandas    Antya 2.10
  navadvipa-vasi—the inhabitants of Navadvipa    Madhya 3.153-155
  navadvipa-vasi—all the inhabitants of Navadvipa    Madhya 3.188
  nirjana-vasi—living in a solitary place    Antya 9.64
  nahi vasi—I do not find.    Madhya 9.230
  purusottama-vasi—the residents of Jagannatha Puri    Madhya 10.24
  purusottama-vasi—residents of Purusottama (Jagannatha Puri).    Madhya 10.38
  radha vasi ache—Srimati Radharani is sitting    Madhya 14.185
  saba kasi-vasi—all the inhabitants of Kasi (Varanasi)    Madhya 25.165
  saha-vasi—living together with the cakravaka birds    Antya 18.98
  tirtha-vasi—persons visiting places of pilgrimage    Madhya 18.175
  tirtha-vasi—inhabitants of a holy place    Antya 15.35
  tanre vasi—seating him    Antya 8.13
  vasi-krta—brought under Your control    SB 7.9.22
  vasi-krta—subdued    Antya 1.177
  vraja-vasi—inhabitants of Vrajabhumi    Adi 10.101
  vraja-vasi—the inhabitants of Vrndavana (Vrajabhumi)    Madhya 4.95
  vraja-vasi yata jana—all the inhabitants of Vrndavana-dhama    Madhya 13.150
  vraja-vasi-jana-adisu—among the eternal inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 22.154
  vraja-vasi-jane—in the inhabitants of Vraja, or Vrndavana    Madhya 22.149
  vraja-vasi-prati—toward the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi.    Madhya 4.95
  vrndavana-vasi—the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Adi 8.49
  tungi upara vasi—sitting in an elevated place    Madhya 20.40

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