Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vase

  vaśe—under the control    SB 3.29.44, SB 5.17.22-23, SB 6.3.12, SB 6.12.8, SB 9.19.23, SB 10.9.19, Madhya 20.157
  vaśe—under control    SB 5.18.26, SB 9.4.66, Madhya 17.203
  vaśe—in full subjugation    Bg 2.61
  vaśe—under the control of    SB 1.6.7
  vaśe—under his control    SB 3.17.19
  vaśe—under the subjugation    SB 6.3.1
  vaśe—subservient    Madhya 13.151
  vaśe—being obliged    Madhya 17.100
  vase—I put on    SB 7.13.39
  bahir-vāse—in his outer wrapper    Madhya 4.139
  bhakta kṛpā-vaśe—being obliged by the devotional service of a devotee    Madhya 16.144
  bhakti-vaśe—under the obligation of the devotional service    Madhya 5.123
  bhakti-vaśe—by dint of devotional service    Madhya 24.312
  bhāgya-vaśe—by good fortune    Antya 17.45
  dui upa vāse—fasting for two days    Madhya 20.22
  ṣaṭ-vargera vaśe—under the control of the six kinds of bodily change    Antya 5.80
  nija-vāse—in their own cloths    Madhya 12.89
  prema-vaśe—by being subjugated by the love    Madhya 4.40
  yat-vaśe—under the control of that time    SB 1.9.14
  yat-vaśe—under whose control    SB 5.20.28

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