Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: varsani

  varṣāṇi—tracts of land    SB 5.20.2, SB 5.20.20
  varṣāṇi—parts of the earth planet    SB 1.16.12
  varṣāṇi—years    SB 3.15.1
  varṣāṇi—and rainy seasons    SB 4.28.37
  varṣāṇi—divisions of land    SB 5.16.6
  varṣāṇi—the tracts of land according to the names of the seven sons    SB 5.20.3-4
  varṣāṇi—celestial years    SB 6.13.15
  varṣāṇi—various parts of the states or divisions on the surface of the earth    SB 9.10.52
  aṣṭa varṣāṇi—eight tracts of land    SB 5.17.11
  jambūdvīpa-varṣāṇi—different parts of Jambūdvīpa (probably Asia and Europe combined together)    SB 5.2.21
  kati varṣāṇi—how many years    SB 10.1.11
  sapta varṣāṇi—seven divisions of the island    SB 5.20.25
  sapta-varṣāṇi—seven tracts of land    SB 5.20.9

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