Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: varsah

  pañca-varṣaḥ—five years old    SB 4.11.28, SB 4.12.23
  mālya-varṣāḥ—a shower of flower garlands    SB 10.5.11
  ṣaṭ-pañca-varṣaḥ—five or six years old    SB 4.12.43
  pañca-varṣaḥ—although the boy is five years old    SB 4.8.65
  pañca-varṣaḥ—at the age of five years    SB 4.12.42
  puṣpa-varṣaḥ—Puṣpa-varṣa    SB 5.20.10
  sapta-varṣaḥ—although He was only seven years old    SB 2.7.32

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