Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vardhanah

  vardhanaḥ—increasing.    SB 3.24.19
  vardhanaḥ—who increases.    SB 3.24.30
  bhāva-vardhanaḥ—the Lord, who increases the ecstasy of the devotee    SB 4.8.59-60
  kīrti-vardhanaḥ—the most famous    SB 8.22.28
  māna-vardhanaḥ—one who enriches the family    SB 1.4.10
  māna-vardhanaḥ—just to give honor    SB 5.1.23
  nandi-vardhanaḥ—increasing pleasures    SB 4.16.18
  rati-vardhanaḥ—could increase the lusty desire    SB 9.19.5-6
  rājya-vardhanaḥ—named Rājyavardhana, or one who can expand the kingdom    SB 9.2.29
  satra-vardhanaḥ—that which enlivens activities.    SB 1.7.2

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