Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vapusa

  vapusa—by his body    SB 3.3.6, SB 3.21.45-47, SB 6.11.6
  vapusa—by the form    SB 10.3.43, Adi 1.48, Madhya 22.48
  vapusa—form    Adi 1.71, Madhya 20.170
  vapusa—with a physical body    SB 5.9.17
  vapusa—in this form as Krsna    SB 10.3.37-38
  vapusa—by the body    Antya 14.1
  adbhuta-ena-vapusa—by a deer made of gold    SB 9.10.10
  raksa-grhita-vapusa—by Your body, which You accept to give protection    SB 7.8.43

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