Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vamse

  vaṁśe—in the family    SB 4.14.42, Antya 4.29
  vaṁśe—family    SB 2.7.23
  vaṁśe—in generating progeny    SB 9.20.35
  vaṁśe—in the dynasty    Adi 17.222
  vaṁśe—to the family    Antya 4.234
  sa-vaṁśe—with all the family members    Madhya 9.83, Madhya 19.86
  hari-vaṁśe—the revealed scripture known as Hari-vaṁśa    Madhya 23.116
  nīca-vaṁśe—in a low family    Antya 4.28
  sa-vaṁśe—with all family members    Adi 10.11
  sa-vaṁśe—along with your family    Adi 17.185
  sa-vaṁśe—with all the members of the family    Madhya 7.123
  sa-vaṁśe—with family members    Madhya 10.58
  sa-vaṁśe—with all his family.    Madhya 15.34
  sa-vaṁśe—with his whole family    Madhya 17.88
  sa-vaṁśe—along with his family    Madhya 17.91
  sa-vaṁśe—with his family    Antya 9.15
  sa-vaṁśe lañā—with his family    Antya 9.34
  soma-vaṁśe—when the dynasty of the moon-god    SB 9.22.18-19
  yadoḥ vaṁśe—in the dynasty of Yadu    SB 10.1.3

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