Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vaisnavam

  vaiṣṇavam—in relation with Viṣṇu    SB 1.8.15
  vaiṣṇavam—in relation with the Personality of Godhead    SB 2.2.18
  vaiṣṇavam—meant for Lord Viṣṇu or His devotees    SB 4.7.17
  vaiṣṇavam—who has received through Lord Viṣṇu    SB 4.21.9
  vaiṣṇavam—a pure devotee of the Lord    SB 4.24.29
  vaiṣṇavam—of Lord Viṣṇu    SB 10.2.4-5

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing vaisnavam.