Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vairagya

  vairagya—renunciation    SB 3.13.39, SB 3.24.32, SB 3.25.18, SB 4.23.18, SB 5.4.1, Antya 1.201, Antya 6.220, Antya 6.254, Antya 6.325
  vairagya—detachment    SB 1.2.12, SB 1.9.26, SB 3.5.42, SB 5.5.28
  vairagya—of renunciation    Madhya 6.75, Antya 6.263
  vairagya—with renunciation    SB 3.25.27
  vairagya—and renunciation    SB 3.25.43
  vairagya—by detachment    SB 3.31.48
  vairagya—renunciation or nonattachment    SB 5.19.9
  vairagya—renouncement    Adi 10.22
  vairagya—detachment from everything that does not help develop Krsna consciousness    Madhya 6.254
  vairagya—of the renounced order    Madhya 7.30
  vairagya—regulative principles of the renounced order of life    Madhya 7.32
  vairagya—complete renunciation    Antya 6.15
  suska-vairagya—dry renunciation    Madhya 23.105, Antya 8.65
  markata-vairagya—monkey renunciation    Madhya 16.238, Antya 6.14
  bahya vairagya—external renunciation    Madhya 16.243
  dharma-jnana-vairagya—of religion, pure knowledge and renunciation    SB 5.20.40
  jnana-vairagya—of real knowledge and detachment    SB 6.17.31
  kaiche vairagya—how do they practice renunciation    Madhya 19.125
  markata vairagya—a renounced life like that of a monkey    Antya 2.120
  vairagya-siksana—teaching about the order of renunciation    Antya 2.168
  vairagya-siksana—instruction on the renounced order of life.    Antya 4.80
  vairagya-dharma—from the life of a mendicant    Antya 3.105
  vairagya-laksmim—the fortune of renunciation    Madhya 24.348
  vairagya-pradhana—mostly in the renounced order of life.    Antya 2.88
  vairagya-saram—the entire purport of renunciation    SB 3.5.46
  vairagya-adi—the path of renunciation and so on    Madhya 22.145
  yukta-vairagya—of proper renunciation    Madhya 23.105

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