Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vaibhava

  vaibhava—manifestations    Adi 2.101, Adi 2.102
  vaibhava—the opulences    Adi 5.115, Adi 5.193
  vaibhava—opulence    Madhya 20.149
  vaibhava—vaibhava    Madhya 20.167
  vaibhava—opulences    Madhya 21.25
  bhāvera vaibhava—devotional opulences.    Adi 6.104
  dvārakā-vaibhava—the opulence of Dvārakā    Madhya 21.79
  prābhava-vaibhava-bhede—by the differences between prābhava and vaibhava,    Madhya 20.185
  prābhava-vaibhava-rūpe—in the divisions of prābhava and vaibhava    Adi 2.97
  vaibhava-amṛta-sindhu—ocean of the nectar of Your opulence    Madhya 21.26
  vaibhava-gaṇa—the expansions    Adi 4.77
  vaibhava-prakāśa—of vaibhava-prakāśa    Adi 4.78
  vaibhava-prakāśa—manifestation of the vaibhava feature    Madhya 20.174
  vaibhava-prakāśa—the feature of vaibhava-prakāśa    Madhya 20.175
  vaibhava-prakāśa—vaibhava-prakāśa    Madhya 20.176
  vaibhava-prakāśe—vaibhava-prakāśa.    Madhya 20.171
  vaibhava-prakāśe—in vaibhava manifestation    Madhya 20.188
  vaibhava-sattā—the presence of opulences    Madhya 21.120
  vaibhava-vilāsa—as vaibhava-vilāsa    Adi 4.78
  vaibhava-vilāsa—the vaibhava pastime expansions.    Madhya 20.191
  vilāsa-vaibhava—of vaibhava-vilāsa    Madhya 20.208

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