Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadya

  vadya—musical sounds    Adi 17.173, Madhya 4.56
  vadya—music    Adi 13.106
  vadya—musical performance    Adi 17.205
  vadya—of the sound    Madhya 6.256
  vadya—of musical instruments    Madhya 13.14
  vadya—musical vibration    Antya 10.47
  mukha-vadya kari—making a sound within the mouth    Madhya 15.11
  nana-vadya—all kinds of musical parties    Madhya 14.110
  nana-vadya—varieties of musical parties    Madhya 14.129
  su-vadya—glorious musical sounds of drums and other instruments    SB 10.12.35
  vadya-dharah ca—those who played on musical drums    SB 10.12.34
  vadya-nrtya—music and dance    Adi 13.96
  vadya-adira—of musical instruments    Madhya 13.50

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