Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: vadibhih

  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by the transcendentalists    SB 3.13.46
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by transcendentalists    SB 3.33.11
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by impersonalist brāhmaṇas    SB 4.1.62
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by the brāhmaṇas expert in executing sacrifices.    SB 4.13.25
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—attached to the Vedic rituals    SB 4.15.11
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by the advocates of the Absolute Truth    SB 4.30.20
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by learned scholars such as Manu    SB 6.2.11
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by the saints and brāhmaṇas expert in Vedic knowledge    SB 6.13.19-20
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—all-powerful brāhmaṇas.    SB 8.15.28
  brahma-vādibhiḥ—by first-class brāhmaṇas    SB 9.10.35-38
  guhya-vādibhiḥ—by the confidential devotees    SB 1.10.24

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