Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vadane

  vadane—in the mouth    SB 2.7.30, SB 8.20.25-29, Madhya 8.42, Madhya 16.72
  vadane—mouths    Adi 8.53
  vadane—face    Antya 17.59
  sahasra-vadane—in thousands of mouths    Adi 5.121, Adi 5.234, Adi 6.78, Adi 13.45, Madhya 16.289, Madhya 21.12, Antya 18.13
  śrī-vadane—from Your beautiful face    Madhya 5.94
  sahasra vadane—in thousands of mouths    Adi 10.162
  sahasra-vadane—as if with a thousand mouths.    Antya 1.192
  sahasra-vadane—with His thousands of faces    Antya 20.70
  vaṁśī-vadane—Lord Kṛṣṇa's face with His flute    Madhya 2.37
  āpana-vadane—personally, with His own mouth    Madhya 25.267

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