Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: vacane

  vacane—words.    Antya 4.165, Antya 8.52, Antya 9.59
  vacane—by words    Madhya 6.49
  vacane—in words.    Madhya 6.68
  vacane—on the request    Madhya 7.63
  vacane—in Her talking.    Madhya 8.179
  vacane—in the words    Madhya 9.195
  vacane—any word.    Madhya 12.16
  vacane—by word    Antya 3.118
  vacane—words    Antya 4.69
  vacane—by the words    Antya 12.75
  balaya vacane—said these words.    Antya 2.93
  balena vacane—speaks words.    Madhya 15.260
  bhanda-vacane—various loose language.    Madhya 14.134
  sri-mukha-vacane—by the words from the mouth.    Adi 4.179
  inhara vacane—by his words    Antya 8.83
  madhura vacane—in sweet language    Madhya 11.134
  madhura vacane—sweet words.    Madhya 16.87
  madhura vacane—in sweet words.    Antya 16.17
  madhura-vacane—in a sweet voice.    Antya 3.204
  prabhura vacane—in the words of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 9.196
  prabhura vacane—by the words of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 13.186
  pralapa-vacane—talking like a madman.    Antya 17.63
  pralapa-vacane—crazy words    Antya 18.79
  purira vacane—by the words of Paramananda Puri    Antya 14.116
  purira vacane—on the order of Paramananda Puri.    Antya 19.12
  radhara vacane—the words of Srimati Radharani    Adi 4.244
  rajara vacane—to the statement of the King    Antya 9.118
  sa-garva vacane—words full of pride    Antya 9.25
  sa-krodha vacane—talking in an angry mood    Madhya 1.270
  sakrodha vacane—angry words    Antya 9.38
  amara vacane—under My order.    Madhya 4.161
  amara vacane—in My words    Madhya 24.7

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