Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: uttamah

  uttamah—the best    Bg 15.17, Bg 15.18, SB 9.18.44
  uttamah—Uttama    SB 4.10.3, SB 8.1.23
  uttamah—best    SB 3.29.31
  uttamah—your stepbrother    SB 4.8.19
  uttamah—highest    Madhya 22.66
  uttamah—of high grade    SB 1.11.36
  bhagavata-uttamah—a person advanced in devotional service.    Madhya 8.275, Madhya 22.72, Madhya 25.129
  uttamah-sloka-lilaya—by the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Uttamahsloka    Madhya 24.47, Madhya 25.157
  asura-uttamah—Prahlada Maharaja, the best of the family of asuras.    SB 7.9.55
  bhujaga-uttamah—the best of the inhabitants of the serpent loka    SB 8.18.9-10
  bhagavata-uttamah—one of the topmost devotees of the Lord    SB 2.10.48
  dvija-uttamah—the best of the brahmanas    SB 4.7.17
  manava-uttamah—the best of the human beings    SB 4.10.21
  nara-uttamah—the first-class human being.    SB 1.13.27
  nara-uttamah—the best of human beings    SB 4.20.3
  purusa-uttamah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.1.25
  purusa-uttamah—the best of all persons    SB 8.6.26
  purusa-uttamah—the Personality of Godhead    SB 8.7.4
  uttamah ca—also Uttama    SB 4.9.48
  uttamah tamasah raivatah—Uttama, Tamasa and Raivata    SB 5.1.28
  uttamah-sloka—of the Lord, who is worshiped by selected poems    Madhya 22.137-139
  uttamah-sloka-lalasah—being captivated by the transcendental qualities, pastimes and association of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Madhya 23.25
  uttamah-sloka-maulim—the best of the personalities who are worshiped by choice poetry or who are transcendental to all material positions    Antya 3.62
  uttamah-sloka-vikrame—in the activities and pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 25.152
  vasu-uttamah—the best among the Vasus (Bhismadeva)    SB 1.9.9
  yama-uttamah—the best process of controlling the senses    SB 8.16.61

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