Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upagiyamana

  upagiyamana—being sung    Madhya 19.204, Antya 7.33
  upagiyamana—being glorified    SB 4.16.27
  upagiyamana—being chanted    SB 5.16.15
  upagiyamana—were being glorified    SB 8.4.13
  upagiyamana—being praised    SB 8.11.45
  upagiyamana-caritah—being glorified for His uncommon activities    SB 9.10.33
  upagiyamana-caritah—being worshiped and adored for his exalted character and activities    SB 9.16.26
  upagiyamana-mahatmyam—whose glories are worshiped (by all these Vedic literatures)    SB 10.8.45

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