Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: upadhyaya

  upādhyāya—Raghupati Upādhyāya    Madhya 19.97, Madhya 19.101, Madhya 19.102, Madhya 19.103, Madhya 19.104
  upādhyāya—learned sages    SB 4.7.16
  upādhyāya—My dear Upādhyāya    Madhya 19.101
  paramānanda upādhyāya—of the name Paramānanda Upādhyāya    Adi 11.44
  raghupati upādhyāya—a brāhmaṇa named Raghupati Upādhyāya    Madhya 19.92
  raghupati upādhyāya—Raghupati Upādhyāya    Madhya 19.97
  upādhyāya mahāśaya—a great personality with the title Upādhyāya    Adi 11.22

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