Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: uktibhih

  uktibhiḥ—by gentle words    SB 4.11.34
  uktibhiḥ—by chanting different mantras    SB-4.21.34
  uktibhiḥ—by their instructions.    Adi 1.59
  dvija-uktibhiḥ—by the instructions of the great brāhmaṇas (Nārada and Aṅgirā Ṛṣi)    SB 6.15.9
  dvija-uktibhiḥ—by the instructions of the perfect brāhmaṇas (Aṅgirā and Nārada Muni)    SB 6.16.15
  sat-uktibhiḥ—by instructions that are factual, not temporary.    SB 6.15.1

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