Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: udu

  udu-patih—the moon    SB 5.1.8, SB 5.8.24
  nirmala-udu-gana-udayam—in which all the auspicious stars were visible (in the upper strata of the universe)    SB 10.3.1-5
  pralina-udu-gane—when the stars were covered by clouds    SB 9.2.5-6
  udu-gananam—and of the luminaries    SB 9.14.3
  udu-patih—the moon (the chief of the stars)    SB 3.23.38
  udu-rajah—the moon.    SB 3.14.49
  udu-rat—the moon    SB 4.21.14

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