Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: udahrtah

  udāhṛtaḥ—said    Bg 15.17
  udāhṛtaḥ—is said to be so.    SB 1.13.26
  udāhṛtaḥ—is called the creation    SB 2.10.3
  udāhṛtaḥ—exemplified    SB 2.10.46
  udāhṛtaḥ—are expressed    SB 3.12.47
  udāhṛtaḥ—explained    SB 3.29.14
  udāhṛtaḥ—chanted.    SB 6.2.19
  udāhṛtaḥ—is declared.    SB 6.15.25
  udāhṛtaḥ—was recited    SB 7.1.13
  udāhṛtaḥ—has already been described (in the beginning of the Ninth Canto)    SB 9.14.15-16
  udāhṛtaḥ—celebrated as his son.    SB 9.23.11
  udāhṛtaḥ—described as    Madhya 19.174
  udāhṛtāḥ—declared.    Madhya 23.84-85

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing udahrtah.