Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: trna

  trna—straw    Madhya 1.187, Madhya 12.89, Madhya 12.90, Madhya 12.93, Madhya 12.131, Madhya 19.46
  trna—grass    SB 4.22.10, SB 7.3.15-16, SB 8.6.22-23, SB 10.5.26, Adi 17.26
  trna—of straw    Madhya 1.185, Madhya 11.154
  trna—a straw    Madhya 16.262, Madhya 20.98
  trna—seat of straw    SB 1.18.28
  trna—of varieties of grass    SB 5.13.3
  trna—by grasses    SB 5.14.4
  trna—on grass    SB 7.13.40
  trna—plants    SB 10.11.28
  trna—straws    Madhya 12.88
  trna—grass    SB 4.28.35-36
  suska-parna-trna-virudha—by eating only the dry leaves and herbs    SB 5.8.31
  trna lana—taking a straw.    Antya 5.156
  trna-adhama—lower than a blade of the grass on the ground    Antya 20.22
  trna-guccha—a bunch of straw    Madhya 23.119
  trna-jalauka—a worm on a vegetable    SB 10.1.40
  trna-jaluka—caterpillar    SB 4.29.76-77
  trna-lobhitah—being allured by green grass.    SB 10.13.12
  trna-parna-adibhih—by grasses and leaves    SB 4.8.73
  trna-praya—almost like straw.    Madhya 16.137
  trna-praya—just like straw    Madhya 24.36
  trna-praya—just like a straw.    Antya 8.94
  trna-pata—leaves of grass    Madhya 21.113
  trna-stamba-adinam—down to the small clumps of grass    SB 5.14.29
  trna-tulya—like the grass in the street    Adi 7.84
  trna-tulya—very insignificant    Madhya 19.164
  trna-virudhah—the grass and herbs    Madhya 24.206
  trna-tati—straw mattress    Madhya 4.82

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