Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tirthe

  tirthe—in the holy place    SB 6.2.43, Madhya 18.35
  tirthe—in holy places (where charity is given)    SB 8.19.4
  tirthe—on pilgrimage    Madhya 5.36
  tirthe—at the holy place    Madhya 9.220
  akrura tirthe—to Akrura-tirtha    Madhya 18.89
  akrura-tirthe—at Akrura-tirtha    Madhya 18.70
  dhanuh-tirthe snana—bathing at the holy place known as Dhanustirtha    Madhya 9.199
  ei tirthe—in this holy place    Madhya 9.300
  gajendra-moksana-tirthe—at the holy place named Gajendra-moksana    Madhya 9.221
  kesi-tirthe aila—came to Kesi-tirtha    Madhya 18.72
  krsna-tirthe vasa—residence in a place where Krsna is situated    Madhya 22.116
  mallikarjuna-tirthe—to the holy place known as Mallikarjuna    Madhya 9.15
  panca-apsara-tirthe—to Pancapsara-tirtha    Madhya 9.279
  phalgu-tirthe—to the holy place named Phalgu-tirtha    Madhya 9.278
  praja-tirthe—on the occasion of giving in charity on the birthday of a son    SB 1.12.14
  panagadi-tirthe—to the holy place Panagadi    Madhya 9.221
  sarva-tirthe—in all places of pilgrimage    Madhya 18.212
  sarva-tirthe snana—bathing in all the holy places of pilgrimage    Madhya 11.190
  skanda-ksetra-tirthe—in the holy place known as Skanda-ksetra    Madhya 9.21
  surparaka-tirthe—to the holy place named Surparaka    Madhya 9.280
  tirthe ayate—on the arrival of a saintly person who creates holy places    SB 8.20.9
  visranti-tirthe—at the bathing place known as Visrama-ghata    Madhya 17.156
  vrddhakola-tirthe—to the holy place known as Vrddhakola    Madhya 9.72

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