Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tarila

  tarila—delivered    Adi 5.148, Adi 6.114
  tarila—delivered.    Madhya 4.173, Madhya 16.209
  tarila—delivered    Adi 8.40
  tarila—liberated    Madhya 7.107
  tarila—He has delivered.    Madhya 16.175
  tarila—delivered    Adi 6.94
  tarila—He delivered    Antya 2.7
  tarila—You saved.    Antya 9.131
  amogha tarila—He delivered Amogha.    Madhya 25.254
  tarila jagata—delivers the whole world.    Madhya 18.121-122
  tarila tri-bhuvana—delivered the entire three worlds    Antya 2.15

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