Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tapana

  tapana—Tapana Misra    Adi 16.12, Madhya 25.63
  tapana-misra—Tapana Misra    Madhya 19.247, Madhya 20.68, Antya 13.43
  misra tapana—Tapana Misra    Adi 10.152-154, Adi 16.10
  tapana-misrera—of Tapana Misra    Adi 7.46, Adi 10.152-154
  sekhara tapana—Candrasekhara and Tapana Misra    Madhya 25.12
  misra-tapana—as well as Tapana Misra    Adi 7.49
  misra-tapana—Tapana Misra    Madhya 25.217
  tapana misra—of the name Tapana Misra    Adi 7.153
  tapana misra—Tapana Misra    Madhya 25.179
  tapana acarya—of the name Tapana Acarya    Adi 10.148
  tapana-misra—a brahmana named Tapana Misra    Madhya 17.83
  tapana-misra-putra—the son of Tapana Misra    Antya 13.89
  tapana-misrera ghare—to the house of Tapana Misra.    Madhya 20.72
  tapana-misrere—unto Tapana Misra    Madhya 20.67

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