Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: tanayam

  tanayam—son    SB 4.8.10, SB 4.9.44
  tanayam—daughter    SB 1.16.2, SB 3.22.16
  tanayam—son or disciple    SB 3.1.25
  tanayam—unto the son    SB 7.11.1
  tanayam—the son    SB 9.18.42
  tanayam—unto his daughter    SB 9.3.23
  nabhaga-tanayam—to the son of Maharaja Nabhaga    SB 9.4.71
  rajanya-tanayam—the daughter of a ksatriya    SB 9.20.12
  sva-tanayam—of your own son    SB 4.8.68
  upasrta-mrgi-tanayam—to whom the son of the deer was so submissive    SB 5.8.25

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