Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svatah

  svatah—automatically    SB-4.21.40, Madhya 20.122
  svatah—by His omnipotency    SB 2.2.6
  svatah—self-sufficiently.    SB 2.6.31
  svatah—by dream    SB 3.7.5
  svatah—self-sufficient    SB 3.7.39
  svatah—by himself.    SB 4.14.4
  svatah—by personal endeavor    SB 5.1.12
  svatah—from themselves    SB 5.11.11
  svatah—of your own accord    SB 5.18.19
  svatah—due to yourself    SB 6.14.21
  svatah—by yourself    SB 7.5.10
  svatah—from their own understanding    SB 7.5.30
  svatah—in himself.    SB 7.13.29
  svatah—obtained of itself, without extra endeavor    SB 7.14.7
  svatah—for one's self    Madhya 22.131
  svatah-pramana—self-evident    Adi 7.132, Madhya 6.179
  svatah-pramana—self-evidence    Madhya 6.137
  svatah-pramanata—self-evidence    Adi 7.132
  svatah-pramanya—self-evidential proof    Madhya 6.137
  svatah-siddha-jnana—self-illuminated perfect knowledge    Adi 14.88
  svatah-trptasya—for one who is self-satisfied    SB 3.7.3

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